MMA fast-cure Resin Systems

The Epoxy Outfit are an approved applicator of Trazcon® 3-4mm Self-smoothing resin systems. Trazcon® MMA resins enable decorative complete systems to be applied over just a few hours enable fast turn-rounds for long-lasting, durable finishes.

Trazcon® Décor is a high performance industrial floor designed specifically for heavy duty and industrial applications. This fit for purpose industrial floor system is unrivalled in the market; particularly from a longevity, maintenance and hygiene perspective. click here for recent Surface Transforms application.

Trazcon® Décor is the number one choice for top food & beverage processing facilities because it performs exceptionally well, exceeds BRC global requirements and holds all relevant certification such as food conformity, slip resistance and HACCP certification.

Production Managers and Quality Assurance Personnel use Trazcon® because it supports their long term maintenance programme. By installing a Trazcon® system it gives them peace of mind and confidence that their industrial floor finish will continue to perform and is certified for non slip and spread of flame.

Trazcon® RS is a super durable commercial resin flooring solution which is engineered to provide a rich, bright, long lasting lustre. Our commercial flooring solution also allows for immense creative freedom; with endless options in colours, design, graphics and patterns. Trazcon® RS floors are tough, durable, safe, hygienic, attractive, seamless and easy to clean. Perfect for commercial floors that need to cater for high traffic volumes while also being visually appealing.


  • Highly reflective, attractive and improves ergonomics.
  • Hygienic, pinhole-free commercial resin flooring surface for easy cleaning.
  • Fast installation and 1-hour cure time. Less downtime for your business.
  • Abrasion, chemical & UV resistant.


  • Retail Outlets & Shopping Centres
  • Hardware/DIY/Garden Centres
  • Veterinary Clinics & Kennels
  • Bars & Nightclubs
  • Restaurants & Canteens
  • Sport & Leisure Facilities
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Hair salons