Bennet’s MOT & Service Centre

A garage in Ramsbottom had a large section of their servicing which was bad worn and in need on a complete replenishment. This required a four-stage process to transform the floor into a smooth, clean working environment.

The existing floor was worn and in need of repairs. The the first part of the process was to mechanically scabble the concrete under vacuum control.
After repairs where necessary, a screed was applied to smooth out the floor containing Retinol to speed curing.
The screed provided a smooth surface and hot-air blowers were employed to aid curing.
A coat of water-based epoxy resin was applied to seal the screeded surface.
Finally, two coats of High-build epoxy resin were applied to provide a durable, chemically-resistant floor. The whole process transformed a pitted, worn concrete substrate into clean, attractive working environment.

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